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We live in a world where thoughts and opinions are now mistaken for truth, and even sometimes, described as the truth. 


As a mother, nurse and Christian Coach, I am learning that when I am intentional about asking and depending on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me in any given situation, with expectation, He does just that.

Often, I hear some people say, “truth is personal/relative.” But this ideology couldn’t be any farther away from the truth. There is only one truth (John 17: 17), and that’s the Word and guidance of God, as inspired by the Holy Ghost (John 16: 13; 2 Timothy 3:16-17).

I am also convinced that God is a “God of order” and He orders our footsteps in His word (Psalm 119:133); and, I must be willing to follow His lead and His ways. 

It is, however, important that God’s people understand that there is a thin line between functioning in the general will of God, and functioning in the specific or perfect will of God. 

But how many people can truly say that they are doing what God created them to do? 

Pastors, counselors, teachers, parents, leaders – all of these are called to coach in some capacity – to encourage and help those entrusted to them for a lifetime, a season, or a school year, perhaps.

So, how can you know if (or when) God is leading you to a more significant coaching role?

I consider this to be such a crucial issue that bothers the mind of a number of mature Christian believers who desire to lead others and to do extraordinary things for the Lord. Because we live in the day of His power (Ps. 110: 3), where the people are willing to walk in the Father’s blessings, blessing the world!

The scriptures declare in Philippians 2: 13 that “…it is God, who is at work in us, both to will and to do of His good pleasures” – especially when we are yielded to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

In “Called to Coach”, 50+ Christian Coaches have chronicled exciting and very inspiring life-transforming testimonies, and stories of how the Lord, working in and through us, invited us to join Him where He wants us to be involved and led us to answer His call!

Each story in Called to Coach will strengthen your desire to be a blessing to others. You will also find practical biblical support and strategies for living a successful Christian life, and how to help others accomplish the same. You will especially love Page 55 "Answering the Call", where I shared extensively about some of my personal life experiences and how the Lord led me through the various storms – to victory!

I invite you to grab a copy of Called to Coach, and discover for yourself that God created you for a very definite purpose; to live with passion and fulfillment; growing in His divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding; and being able to walk in the path that He specially predestined for you, and ordained you to walk in them long before you were born (Jer. 1: 5, John 15: 16)!

In the end, you will discover that it is the Lord, who has, all the while, been working in you, and leading you on.

Could it be, that you are being Called to Coach?! GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

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