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R3=DESTINY: Repair X Restore X Reclaim Island Workshop
Speaker: Dr. Faith C. Wokoma

R3 = Destiny (Repair X Restore X Reclaim) Workshop is a life-changing 1-day training with a primary focus on teaching & inspiring many generations to grow, develop and become more successful-recovering from brokenness, rejection, hopelessness and disappointment being more Christ-Conscious & Kingdom Relevant.

Are you tired of the trial-and-error; guessing your way through life – feeling broken; living life aimlessly and would like to find out your REAL purpose for being here on Earth? Then this Workshop is for you! You will walk away with the tools you need to boldly embrace God’s unique purpose for your life and becoming the successful man or woman of God’s dream. Every Life Has a Purpose. Find Yours. Make Your Life Count. Reclaim Your Destiny!


“Dr. Faith,” is a pioneer, trailblazer, strategist and emerging thought leader of this generation. She is an anointed apostolic leader, innovative business woman, sought after consultant, relationship expert and a specialist on inner healing and deliverance. Dr. Faith C. Wokoma is a lover of Jesus and His people. She desires nothing more than to see people reconciled to God and to one another.

Dr. Faith has been in ministry for over 15 years as God anointed her strongly in the areas of the prophetic, deliverance, healing, and intercession. He allows her to effectively usher in the presence of the Lord through worship, birthing mentors and leaders in ministry, and preaching the word of God.

In 2007 Dr. Faith founded Warring Ministries International. This is a cross-cultural ministry aimed at developing and training men and women in the areas of the Prophetic, Deliverance, Worship, Warfare and Intimacy with God. Dr. Faith holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University. She uses her understanding of mental health in her deliverance ministry, counseling, consulting with churches, NGO's and businesses through her company “Ask Doctor Faith”.

She also oversees several ministries under The Five-Fold Ministry Alliance (The Fold), and along with her husband, they recently Launched Legacy Center Church, in Cary, North Carolina. She is a wife to James Wokoma and a mother to Josiah and Jael.

When Dr. Faith is not traveling or teaching, she is spending time with her two children and husband.


  • We were all made for something unique, often the enemy will come to try and derail us from purpose and wholeness. In the Overcoming Rejection Workshop. Dr. Faith will help you understand to overcome:

  • Wounds from your mother and father

  • How to break the orphan spirit and walk like a son

  • How to identify and overcome rejection

  • How to break off fear, anxiety and anger

  • Once you know who you are you must know what you carry, In the second workshop Dr. Faith will help you identify your Spiritual Gifts, Purpose and steps on fulfilling it. You will learn:

  • What the Spiritual Gifts are

  • How to identify your Spiritual Gifts

  • How to identify your Calling or Purpose

  • And how to walk out your God given Assignment

  • When you know who you are and what you carry you must master the voice of God to walk out all He has for you. In the introduction to the voice of God course. Dr. Faith will help you understand:

  • The many ways God communicates

  • Visions and dreams

  • Overcoming fears in your communication from God

  • Overcoming hindrances in your intimacy and communication with God.

Those from among you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach, The Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.

                                                                        - Isaiah 58:12

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